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I have AEntity and BEntity in M:N Relationship.

In the dababase I have ATable, BTable, ABRelationTable.

ABRelationTable is built as follows

Id                      Guid
ATableId                Guid
BTableId                Guid
AdditionalAttribute1    String
AdditionalAttribute2    String

I then delete AEntityInstance in EntityFramework and
It throws an exception then that it violates the FK in ABRelationTable

as follows:

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_AB_A". 
The conflict occurred in database "X", table "ABRelationTable", column 
'Id'.The statement has been terminated.

How do I delete the corresponding lines in the relation table

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Is the relationship has cascade on delete in SQL database table? If so you can do this in EF and it will be taken care of. see... Entity framework - remove related records by id

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You must remove the associated B's from A:

foreach(var b in a.Bs.ToList())

Or load a.Bs and Clear() it.

The point is that the B's must be loaded first and then removed one way or another for the change manager to know that the associations are cut.

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