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I have a third-party REST service that I need to integrate with Spring security.

The REST service send the login and password as part of the JSON message, like this:

    "employees": [
        { "firstName":"John" , "lastName":"Doe" },
        { "firstName":"Anna" , "lastName":"Smith" },
        { "firstName":"Peter" , "lastName":"Jones" }

I think that I need to do a custom-filter to handle the JSON message and login into the application, but I'm lost with the configuration.

Which interface do I need to implement in this custom-filter?

Any sample of a similar scenario?

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I've done it, but it's not straightforward. Do you allow anonymous access? Do you want to handle logouts? What should you return in case of: 0. lack of authentication 1. logout success 2. login success 3. login failure? Should output be in JSON? What in case an exception is thrown - should it be translated? –  andr Dec 5 '12 at 8:18

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