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I have a requirement like this...

Need to execute a java prepared statement example:

String sql = "select first_name from student where roll_no :=1";

But the problem is, sometimes there can be NO rows in the table for the above query. In that case, I want to query the 2nd table say student2. Hence the sql query will be now:

String sql2 = "select first_name from student2 where roll_no :=1";

Is there a way to achieve this condition of selecting from another table(student2) in a single sql query.

I want something like this pseudo code:

String sql = "if student1 table doesn't have a roll_num, then query student2 table";
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I think this is not a SQL problem, but more a issue with your database design. Maby you should rethink your databse tables, so you don't need a query that is that complex. –  tbraun89 Dec 4 '12 at 8:46

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Create a database procedure which you call with the prepared statement MySql, Oracle. Hope this helps

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Though your design is not good, I am giving hint to achieve what you are asking. When you execute first query, just check are there any result sets available, if not then execute second query.

ResultSet rs = statement.execute();
if (!rs.next()){
//ResultSet is empty

In If block you need to execute second query.

Note: First rethink your design, if not possible. This solution works, a lame solution for lame problem :)

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I think you could use e.g. UNION as:

select val from (select 'A' as val from DUAL
                 select 'B' as VAL from DUAL)
where rownum = 1;

but @tbraun89 is right think on your DB structure first

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