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So I have a very large structure array in matlab. Suppose, for argument's sake, to simplify the situation, suppose I have something like:

structure(1).name, structure(2).name, structure(3).name structure(1).returns, structure(2).returns, structure(3).returns

Now suppose I have some condition that comes along and makes me want to delete everything from structure(2) (any and all entries in my structure array). What is a good way to do that?

My solution has been to just set all of those items to [], but that doesn't remove them that only makes them empty. How do I actually remove them completely from the structure array? Is there a way?

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simple if you want to delete element at index i do the following:

i = 3
structure(i) = [];

And that will remove element at index 3.


st.name = 'text';
st.id = 1524;
arrayOfSt = [st st st st st];


arrayOfSt = 

    1x5 struct array with fields:

If we execute:

arrayOfSt(2) = [];

then the new value of the array of structers will be:

arrayOfSt = 

    1x4 struct array with fields:

Try it !

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Perfect, thank you so much. –  user1849003 Dec 4 '12 at 8:50

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