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var frank_param = gup( 'frank' );
var pageURL = encodeURIComponent("directory_doctor_page.php?DoctorID=23"); 

I have those two lines of code I want to replace the 23 with the var frank. How will I accomplish this?


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what does the gup() function do? –  Bruno Dec 4 '12 at 8:56
gup() grabs a url parameter from example.com/index.php?frank=23. It grabs the #23 out of the URL. –  Jangui Dec 5 '12 at 2:29

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You can concatenate both like this:

var pageURL = encodeURIComponent("directory_doctor_page.php?DoctorID=" + frank_param); 

Extract from mozilla's JS documentation on String operators:

In addition to the comparison operators, which can be used on string values, the concatenation operator (+) concatenates two string values together, returning another string that is the union of the two operand strings. For example, "my " + "string" returns the string "my string".

The shorthand assignment operator += can also be used to concatenate strings. For example, if the variable mystring has the value "alpha", then the expression mystring += "bet" evaluates to "alphabet" and assigns this value to mystring.

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You can simply concatenate the variable to the string:

var frank_param = gup( 'frank' );
var pageURL = encodeURIComponent("directory_doctor_page.php?DoctorID=" + frank_param );

I'd suggest taking a look at some JavaScript Tutorials, on the StackOverflow FAQ.

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