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I have a nested tuple structure like (String,(String,Double)) and I want to transform it to (String,String,Double). I have various kinds of nested tuple, and I don't want to transform each manually. Is there any convenient way to do that?

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If you use shapeless, this is exactly what you need, I think.

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There is no flatten on a Tupple. But if you know the structure, you can do something like this:

implicit def flatten1[A, B, C](t: ((A, B), C)): (A, B, C) = (t._1._1, t._1._2, t._2)
implicit def flatten2[A, B, C](t: (A, (B, C))): (A, B, C) = (t._1, t._2._1, t._2._2)

This will flatten Tupple with any types. You can also add the implicit keyword to the definition. This works only for three elements. You can flatten Tupple like:

(1, ("hello", 42.0))   => (1, "hello", 42.0)
(("test", 3.7f), "hi") => ("test", 3.7f, "hi")

Multiple nested Tupple cannot be flatten to the ground, because there are only three elements in the return type:

((1, (2, 3)),4)        => (1, (2, 3), 4)
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