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I create a Unity project and generate an xCode project . Aways I should and some frameworks or static libs to the xCode project to make it run . So I want make this progress automatic.

I found some tools to modify the xCode project . such as "Mod PBXProj":

My question is that how can I call the tools(such as "Mod PBXProj") to modify the xCode project after the Unity project generate the xCode project . Or are there any other method to modify the project?

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Someone ported Mod PBXProj to C# and made it much easier to use from Unity. – Calvin Dec 4 '12 at 20:01

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If you will open unity application as a folder, there will be a folder of xCode project, wich unity just copies while build. you can add there any files you whant (or replace), and on every new build, unity you use modified files.

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