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I have one project to do. I need to transfer photos from camera to PC, i need to use SDcard interface it is SPI i hope ). Because usb transfer is not in option, so i think that i connect some microcontroller or raspberry pi instead of sdcard and emulate sd card and from microcontroller i somehow send it (via usb or ethernet)to pc. this whole operation (wrom camera to pc) must be realy quick (1-2s) and photos are 2-4Mbyte. Do you have any tips how to do that or what microconroller chose?


    SPI                     as SD emulator     USB/Ethernet
  |camera|--------------->|microcontroller| ---------------> |PC|

thanks for advices and ideas.

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I have the nearly the exact same project I am researching. Were you able to make any progress on it? I did find a paper on creating an RFID that emulates an SD card http://www.thinkmind.org/download.php?articleid=icds_2011_4_30_10048 and here is someone else trying to do this with RFID


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Bunnie showed how to monitor the api recently, this would be a good step towards emulating it.


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