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Mongoose adds a '__v' property into Schema's for versioning - is it possible to disable this globally or globally hide it from all queries?

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You can disable the "__v" attribute in your Schema definitions by setting the versionKey option to false. For example:

var widgetSchema = new Schema({ ... attributes ... }, { versionKey: false });

I don't think you can globally disable them, but can only do it per Schema. You can read more about Schema's options here. You might also find the Schema set method helpful.

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is it safe to disable "__v" attribute? will it cause any future issue if I disable it? – Nam Nguyen Sep 10 '13 at 23:09
Is there a way to hide it from the returned docs from queries? – diosney Dec 14 '13 at 20:40

To disable '__v' property, which is not recommended, use the versionKey schema option:

var Schema = new Schema({...}, { versionKey: false });

To hide it from all queries, which sometimes can be not what you want too, use the select schema type option:

var Schema = new Schema({ __v: { type: Number, select: false}})
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So how can I delete _id and __v before returning them to user? Is there any kind of mapping I can do? Mapping from schema to model would remove these two attributes and mapping from model to schema would let's say remove some fields user should not be able to edit but still see them. – Dread Boy Sep 23 '14 at 20:49

define a toObject.transform function, and make sure you always call toObject when getting documents from mongoose.

var SomeSchema = new Schema({
    <some schema spec>
  } , {
    toObject: {
      transform: function (doc, ret, game) {
        delete ret.__v;
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Alternatively you can call user.toObject({ versionKey: false }), which will hide __v version property. – IndieForger Apr 10 at 7:36

Two ways:

  1. {versionKey: false}

  2. when you query, like model.findById(id).select('-__v')

'-' means exclude the field

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