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I have a question regarding puts #{parse_options.inspect}. parse_options is a function defined as:

def parse_options
  options = {}
  case ARGV[1]
  when "-e"
    options[:e] = ARGV[2]
  when "-d"
    options[:d] = ARGV[2]

Its output is the value of the options hashmap. What I want to know is how inspect is supposed to work.

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"#{ expression }" is an expression substitution: place in the string the result of evaluating the expression. parse_options is a method call, it returns the options hash (return is implicit in Ruby). {} constructs an empty hash. inspect is a method on hash, it dumps the hash.

So it reads as follow: place in the string the evaluation of calling inspect on the hash returned by parse_options (well, it should be the result of sending inspect to the hash, details...).

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Inspect returns the hash as string see the documentation: http://ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.3/Hash.html#method-i-inspect

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