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ok this is a bit complecated to explain so I hope I get this understandable.

I have a table that incluse some linegraphs. The table is working perfectly but the lines are not drawn in IE6 and 7 (8 and 9 are working fine)

I call a function that calculates the lines and then creates a div with that line. Then the function uses appendchild() to include the line in the table.


<tr class="outTR">
        <th><h:outputText value="#  {valuegraph}" /></th>
        <c:forEach items="#{valuegraphlist}" var="el">
            <td><h:outputText value="#{value}" /></td>


This is how I call the first function

$(document).ready(function() {

function initgraphics() {
    var p = $("#imgId_" + firstStep);
    var position = p.position();
    var img = $("img:first", ".stats");
    var i = 0;
    var width2 = img.width() / 2;
    var Y0 = + p.height();
    $("img.img_base", ".stats").each(function() {
        jsBaseX[i++] = $(this).position().left + width2;

    drawLineGraphic(jsBaseX, valuegraph, Y0, "0000FF", "00FF00", true);

function drawLineGraphic(BaseX, arrY, Y0, colourDot, colourLine, minus) {

    $.each(BaseX, function() {
        nextX = this;
        nextY = Y0 - arrY[idx];

        doter(nextX, nextY, 4, colourDot);

        lastX = nextX;
        lastY = nextY;

function doter(x, y, d,color){
var str="background: #"+color+";
var ele = document.createElement("div");
ele.setAttribute("style", str);
ele.setAttribute("class", "class1");
ele.setAttribute("id", "p_"+x+"_"+y);   


When the functions get to the appendChild... it crashes...

Any ideas??

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var str="background: #"+color+"; These an unclosed quote here. Is that just in the code above or is that a copy paste from your code as that could be an issue – TommyBs Dec 4 '12 at 10:53
Just the code above... var str="background: #"+color+"; I shortened the whole style str thing – Thevagabond Dec 4 '12 at 11:52

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