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I had more than one css applied to an input, one default and others to customize. I want to disable the css default but not the others. I tried to remove with:

$j('#teste').css("max-width", "");



Those ways, remove all css. How can I do this with jQuery?

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removeAttr is not for CSS .. it's for the tag's attribute. docs.jquery.com/Attributes/removeAttr –  Aziz Sep 2 '09 at 20:57
I believe that the problem is in your CSS and not in jQuery. –  rogeriopvl Sep 2 '09 at 20:58

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Here's a simple extension function I've written for our project that removes inline CSS attribute(s) previously set by $(...).css(). It alters only the 'style' attribute - if a style is set through a class, you need to remove the whole class or override the style.

You use it as $(...).removeCss('color', 'font-weight');

$.fn.removeCss = function() {
  var removedCss = $.makeArray(arguments);
  return this.each(function() {
    var e$ = $(this);
    var style = e$.attr('style');
    if (typeof style !== 'string') return;
    style = $.trim(style);
    var styles = style.split(/;+/);
    var sl = styles.length;
    for (var l = removedCss.length, i = 0; i < l; i++) {
      var r = removedCss[i];
      if (!r) continue;
      for (var j = 0; j < sl;) {
        var sp = $.trim(styles[j]);
        if (!sp || (sp.indexOf(r) === 0 && $.trim(sp.substring(r.length)).indexOf(':') === 0)) {
          styles.splice(j, 1);
        } else {
    if (styles.length === 0) {
    } else {
      e$.attr('style', styles.join(';'));
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use css classes and add/remove them to control the styles.


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I tried it too, but not work how i hoped. –  Allice Sep 2 '09 at 21:01
errr how do you mean. It didnt remove the class from the element? Maybe if you could post more code and elaborate your issues. –  redsquare Sep 2 '09 at 21:13

$.toggleClass() may work best if you have a stylesheet with a unique class for the "custom" styles that need to be applied after the default and then quickly removed.


This will add the foo class if it's not present, and remove it if the element(s) doesn't have the foo class. See the jQuery toggleClass documentation

If all of your styling is inline () you can use the removeAttr method:

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I am assuming you have a global max-width set and you want to override it for #teste? Either way this should do what you require:

$j('#teste').css("max-width", "none");

As others have mentioned this can be done with straight CSS:

#teste {
    max-width: none;
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You cannot (as other people have already stated) remove styling that is applied through stylesheets. You can, however, override styling. For example, if max-width is applied through a stylesheet you should be able to override it by changing the value or setting it to 'auto':

$('#teste').css("max-width", "999999px");

or possibly:

$('#teste').css("max-width", "auto");

That being said, I agree with the other posts that the best bet is probably just to fix your css and possibly toggle styling by toggling a class.

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