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The usecase is simple. Info for logged in user is displayed in _Layout.cshtml. That info needs to be refreshed every time.

I found two ways to do that

  • Have BaseController and in its OnActionExecuting method set ViewBag.UserInfo = ...; which is later used in _Layout.cshtml
  • In _Layout.cshtml do @{Html.RenderAction("GlobalUserInfo", "UserInfo");}

The problem is that these two ways fail miserably with deadlocks or exceptions if UserInfo is returned from an async public async Task<UserInfo>GetUserInfo(){...} method.

So the question is this: How to set ViewBag properties on every action when data is retrieved using async/await.

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Why don't you create a Helper to share this information on _Layout? – Felipe Oriani Dec 4 '12 at 11:53
@felipe-oriani The problem is not to come up with "yet another solution" to show some data globally. The problem is to do it with async/await. Helpers won't save me here. – mdonatas Dec 4 '12 at 18:54
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MVC is not quite fully async-friendly, particularly with filters.

You could write your own RenderAsyncAction extension method or duplicate the code in all your async actions.

Alternatively, you could attempt a bit of a hack. I describe on my blog why using Result in ASP.NET can deadlock, but there's a workaround: use ConfigureAwait(false) on every await in GetUserInfo.

Then you can define a synchronous wrapper:

public UserInfo GetUserInfoBlocking()
  return GetUserInfo().Result;

You should be able to use GetUserInfoBlocking in OnActionExecuting or RenderAction.

Please note the side effects:

  • This approach uses multiple threads per request, so this will decrease scalability. The pure async approach uses multiple requests per thread, so it increases scalability.
  • Any exceptions from GetUserInfo will be wrapped in an AggregateException, so be sure your logging will capture the InnerException details or you'll get meaningless errors in your logs.

It's definitely best to use async all the way down instead of blocking like this. But sometimes MVC doesn't leave you a choice (hopefully this will change in the future).

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I am already using OnActionExecuting with .Result and .ConfigureAwait(false) all the way down the stack but it just feels like an ugly hack, hense this question. Thank you for the answer! – mdonatas Dec 4 '12 at 18:50

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