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I am trying to get the attached monitors in windows 7 using c++, the code I am using is as follows

void ListDisplayDevices()
    int index=0;
    dd.cb = sizeof(DISPLAY_DEVICE);

    while (EnumDisplayDevices(NULL, index++, &dd, 0))
        if (dd.StateFlags & DISPLAY_DEVICE_PRIMARY_DEVICE) printf("* ");
        printf("%s, %s\n", dd.DeviceName, dd.DeviceString);

but the output of this function is simply

* \, A
\, A
\, A
\, R
\, R
\, R
\, V

What may be wrong here?

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Possibly you are compiling this for unicode so the strings are unicode strings which you are trying to print as single byte strings. I think that windows has a printf format of "%S" (upper case) that will print this. So if this is the problem either try switching to a non-unicode build or try this perhaps? – jcoder Dec 4 '12 at 10:50
Thanks @J99, I used %ls as the DISPLAY_DEVICE is giving wchar_t type, now its working fine – Parimal Dec 4 '12 at 11:01

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