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When I have a pandas.DataFrame df with columns ["A", "B", "C", "D"], I can filter it using constructions like df[df["B"] == 2].

How do I do the equivalent of df[df["B"] == 2], if B is the name of a level in a MultiIndex instead? (For example, obtained by df.groupby(["A", "B"]).mean() or df.setindex(["A", "B"]))

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I would suggest either:

df.xs(2, level='B')


df[df.index.get_level_values('B') == val]

I'd like to make the syntax for the latter operation a little nicer.

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I see two ways of getting this, both of which look like a detour – which makes me think there must be a better way which I'm overlooking.

  • Converting the MultiIndex into columns: df[df.reset_index()["B"] == 2]
  • Swapping the name I want to use to the start of the MultiIndex and then use lookup by index: df.swaplevel(0, "B").ix[2]
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I think you are looking to grouping by index levels (see GroupBy with MultiIndex).
Here's a short, and not very exciting, example:

In [126]: df = DataFrame([[1,2,3,4],[2,2,np.nan,6]],columns=["A", "B", "C", "D"])

In [127]: df1 = df.set_index(['A','B'])

In [128]: df1
      C  D
A B       
1 2   3  4
2 2 NaN  6

In [129]: df1.groupby(level='B', axis=0).mean()
   C  D
2  3  5
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