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My app got the following exceptions when trying to display a bitmap:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not write bitmap to parcel blob.
    at Method)
    at android.widget.RemoteViews$BitmapCache.writeBitmapsToParcel(
    at android.widget.RemoteViews.writeToParcel(
    at android.appwidget.AppWidgetManager.updateAppWidget(
    at android.appwidget.AppWidgetManager.updateAppWidget(

Do you have any idea why this error occurs? It exists only from 4.2. I don't know why and when it happens, I got these exceptions in reports only.

Thanks, Tamas

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I think I have found the answer. If I check jni/android/graphics/Bitmap.cpp then I can see:

size_t size = bitmap->getSize();

android::Parcel::WritableBlob blob;
android::status_t status = p->writeBlob(size, &blob);
if (status) {
    doThrowRE(env, "Could not write bitmap to parcel blob.");
    return false;

It seems that the problem is about the bitmap size not the bitmap itself.

writeBlob function can return NO_MEMORY status if memory couldn't be allocated.

So I guess if a user sets a too large bitmap then it can fail this way.

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