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I'd like to use a little bit of simple AJAX in my Rails application. The main problem I have is that inside a script I need to specify the URL where the request will go, which in most cases is a path to some Rails controller action. Anywhere else I'm advised not to write paths explicitly by hand (i.e. not do ugly stuff like '/my_resources/' + resource_id) but use helpers like my_resource_path instead.

But this approach doesn't work well with javascript, since these helpers don't work inside assets/javascripts. I can think of some ugly ways I can bypass the problem, currently I've implemented an extremely ugly workaround which is basically putting something like this inside my view:

<%= javascript_tag "onSubmitQuotePage('#{j escape_javascript(autocomplete_authors_url(''))}');"%>

But I can't imagine Rails developers didn't think of some prettier solution, some right way of doing AJAX.

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that's the point of data-attrributes, a js action is linked to a dom element, this dom element should bear the relevant data –  apneadiving Dec 4 '12 at 10:57

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I can't say I like the way I do this so very happy to hear better ways of doing this.

But I either include the path in a data attribute on a relevant DOM element, or for some static routes I include a <script> block in the layout file that contains relevant paths.

(function() {
"use strict";
window.myapp || {};
window.myapp.new_order_path = '<%= new_order_path %>';
window.myapp.orders_path = '<%= orders_path %>';

It's by no means a pretty solution, but the cases where I need a route in my JS are rather rare and that way I can then use myapp.new_order_path in my JS when I need it.

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Data attributes make sense. Thanks –  kamilk Dec 4 '12 at 18:19

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