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I'm using xtext to generate an editor for a particular language. When using the editor for my new language, it has all the lovely xtext features like code-completation and coloring and so on. What I'd like to be able to do is visualise the structure of the text in my editor.

I know that xtext has an internal AST and a parse tree ( I understand that they call it a `node model') - is there any way of visualising this tree?

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See , under "Visualizing the AST".

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Perfect! Score one for twitter... – Joe Dec 4 '12 at 16:25

This might help you:

It offers an outline for the node model and for the semantic model (AST).

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@Joe, may I propose accepting this answer? – thSoft Feb 19 '14 at 14:40

You should check the content outline. I have customized mine but I think that the default one reflects the structure of the model.

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A simple solution in xtend (based on the introspection done by default by EObject.toString()):

def static String dump(EObject mod_, String indent) {
    var res = indent + mod_.toString.replaceFirst ('.*[.]impl[.](.*)Impl[^(]*', '$1 ')

    for (a :mod_.eCrossReferences)
        res += ' ->' + a.toString().replaceFirst ('.*[.]impl[.](.*)Impl[^(]*', '$1 ')
    res += "\n"
    for (f :mod_.eContents) {
        res += f.dump (indent+"    ")
    return res

Output from a call such as dump(someEObject, '') will return:

Variable (name: i)
        IntConst (value: 1)
            IntConst (value: 2)
                IntConst (value: 3)
Variable (name: j)
        VarRef  ->Variable (name: i)
            IntConst (value: 4)
                IntConst (value: 5)
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