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I have 3 servers for PROD, with the same deployment build configuration, I choose which server to deploy depending on a build parameter. The issue is that reviewing the history you can't check which environment are you deploying.

I wonder if it's possible one of this solutions: - Show parameters in the history of a build - Autotag a build with parameters

I hope I had explained well enough.

Thanks in advance

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You can accomplish this with a Command Line build step that echoes the relevant parameters to the build log. For a Windows-based agent, you could do something like:

  • Run: Executable with parameters
  • Command Executable: echo
  • Command Parameters: Deployed to server %your.server.host%

This would simply add a line to the build log that reads, Deployed to server FOO

Autotagging would be pretty cool, but I don't know of a way to do that.

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