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I need to write a dataframe into excel, each value as string vaue .

I have a dataframe

 DocID  SourceName  ActualTimeStamp Title   Link    Author
 -y59OhclSVSb18Z-Zhfd-g Economic_Times  11/6/2012 3:47  US dream a myth! The price of  inequality         
 hz-4pNKBTqiSDwff_CcvYw Reuters 26-09-2012 21:03:46  Achuthan: Why the US is -  

Where Some DocId having '-' in front of the value when i tried to write into csv file that value replace with #Name. I thing if i convert each value as string i can solve the problem .

So is any idea about how to convert the each value inside the dataframe to string value ?

Am sorry my dataframe having some lage data set .....

   structure(c("-y59OhclSVSb18Z-Zhfd-g", "hz-4pNKBTqiSDwff_CcvYw", 
NA, "Economic_Times", "Reuters", NA, "11-06-2012 03:47:12", "26-09-2012 21:03:46", 
NA, "US dream a myth! The price of inequality", "Achuthan: Why the US is already in a          recession", 
NA, "http://economictimes.feedsportal.com/c/33041/f/534028/index.rss", 
"http://feeds.reuters.com/Counterparties?format=xml", NA, NA, 
"ritholtz.com", NA, "Joseph E Stiglitz equality inequality America likes to think of itself as a land of opportunity and others view it in much the same light  But while we can all think of examples of Americans who rose to the top on their own  what really matters are the statistics  to what extent do an individual s life chances depend on the income and education of his or her parents  Nowadays  these numbers show that the American dream is a myth  There is less equality of opportunity in the US today than there is in Europe  or indeed  in any advanced industrial country for which there are data  This is one of the reasons that the US has the highest level of inequality of any of the advanced countries  and its gap with the rest has been widening  In the  recovery  of 2009 10  the top 1  of US income earners captured 93  of the income growth  Other inequality indicators are as bad or even worse  The trend is one of concentration of income at the top  the hollowing out of the middle and increasing poverty at the bottom  It would be one thing if the high incomes of those at the top were the result of greater contributions to society  but the Great Recession showed otherwise  bankers who had led the global economy to the brink of ruin received outsizebonuses  A closer look at those at the top reveals a disproportionate role for rent seeking  some have obtained their wealth by exercising monopoly power  others are CEOs who have taken advantage of deficiencies in corporate governance to extract for themselves an excessive share of corporate earnings  and still others have used political connections to benefit from government munificence  either excessively high prices for what the government buys  drugs   or excessively low prices for what the government sells  mineral rights   So  part of the wealth of those in finance comes from exploiting the poor  through predatory lending and abusive credit card practices  Those at the top are enriched at the expense of those at the bottom  It might not be so bad if there were even a grain of truth to trickle down economics  the quaint notion that everyone benefits from enriching those at the top  But most Americans today are worse off  with lower real incomes  than they were in 1997  a decade and a half ago  All of the benefits of growth have gone to the top  Defenders of US  inequality argue that the poor and those in the middle shouldn t complain  While they may be getting a smaller share of the pie than they did in the past  the pie is growing so much  thanks to the contributions of the rich and super rich  that the size of their slice is actually larger  The evidence contradicts this  Indeed  the US grew far faster in the decades after World War II  when it was growing together  than it has since 1980  when it began growing apart  Rent seeking distorts the economy  Market forces  of course  play a role  too  but markets are shaped by politics  and  in the US  with its quasi corrupt system of campaign finance and its revolving doors between government and industry  politics is shaped by money  For example  a bankruptcy law that privileges derivatives over all else  but does not allow the discharge of student debt  no matter how inadequate the education provided  enriches bankers and impoverishes many at the bottom  Where money trumps democracy  such legislation has become predictably frequent ", 
"Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance  unfamiliarity with empirical data  ability to repeat discredited memes  and lack of respect for scientific knowledge  Also  be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied  Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated  Lastly  kindly forgo all civility in your discourse       you are  after all  anonymous  gloeschi Says  September 25th  2012 at 9 04 am According to LA s bio  he received undergrad in 1989 and graduated in 1991  Since he is also the co founder of ECRI  he must have founded it before graduating in order for  our shop predicting the 1990 91 recession beforehand   ironman Says  September 25th  2012 at 9 28 am Two more indications  layoffs and dividends in the U S  Still  all these contemporary results are also consistent with what we ve been forecasting since 2011  a  microrecession  in 2012 Q2  We continue to expect to see the economy bounce back a bit in 2012 Q3  2013 however will be a different story   Greg0658 Says  September 25th  2012 at 9 33 am I went to this graph yesterday from a  Reads  outlink    I search the site to no avail for what is  Industrial Production   in their mind     is tv show creation IP   how about a movie from Hollywood   or a song from Nashville  VennData Says  September 25th  2012 at 9 56 am Home Prices Climb Again http   mobile nytimes com 2012 09 26 business home prices climb again xml wally Says  September 25th  2012 at 10 31 am I predict a recession  too  I ll just fill in the date later  JoseOle Says  September 25th  2012 at 5 22 pm Barry  You really should rethink giving Achuthan a wider audience  Anyone incapable of admitting he was wrong does not deserve your readers attention  His interviews on Bloomberg TV  Bloomberg Radio and CNBC from around Sep  30  2011 are there for anyone to replay  In no way did he imply that he was allowing for a mid 2012 start to the recession  BR  Not remotely applicable  because 1  He already has a huge audience  2  His long term track record is outstanding JoseOle Says  September 25th  2012 at 9 06 pm    His long term track record is outstanding Not anymore  Again  I encourage you and anyone else to watch his Sept 2011 interviews  I ll even provide the links  http   video cnbc com gallery  video 3000048636 http   www bloomberg com video 76372300 economist says u s recession is inescapable html Someone please tell me where he suggests the recession he s calling could start as late as mid 2012  boveri Says  September 25th  2012 at 10 22 pm I am grateful to see this ECRI commentary  He may well have it right and if we get more major industrial and transportation companies warning besides  Caterpillar  Fedex and Norfolk Southern  it will justify the stock trimming we were treated to today  Counterparties  The never ending story of the Euro crisis   Felix Salmon Says  September 26th  2012 at 6 18 pm       Wonks Why the US is already in a recession   Lakshan Achuthan       The Next Recession is Now  Says  September 27th  2012 at 8 45 am       renewed efforts by the Federal Reserve to boost the economy and signs of a housing market rebound   Lakshman Achuthan makes the case that the US has already entered the next       The next recession is   now    Saint Petersblog Says  September 29th  2012 at 9 00 am       renewed efforts by the Federal Reserve to boost the economy and signs of a housing market rebound   Lakshman Achuthan  makes the case that the US has already entered the next      ", 
NA), .Dim = c(3L, 7L), .Dimnames = list(NULL, c("DocID", "SourceName", 
"ActualTimeStamp", "Title", "Link", "Author", "Content")))
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I am quite sure your DocID already is a string (or factor). Which function did you use to write the file? –  Roland Dec 4 '12 at 10:59
write.csv(result, file =filename,row.names=FALSE) using this function i can write the data , but some value having '-'infront of the id so that case when i write o csv file it shows #Name (error) in excel. what ido in that case?? –  user1790894 Dec 4 '12 at 11:18
I am sure your csv is fine; it is Excel which is messing up trying to interpret it. In Excel, select the whole column, right click, and change its format to Text. Let us know if that fixes it for you. –  flodel Dec 4 '12 at 11:37

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