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I posted this somewhere else but I think it was deleted so I'll post it as a new question... Here's my problem; I've been developing a packet sniffer using the Jpcap library from . I was developing using the windows version of the java library, but now I realize that it's the linux version I will need, but as the website's not working, (check the link, I think the servers down) I can't download this version. Does anyone have this saved to there computer? I know the website may be fixed in the future but I don't really want to waste time waiting.

I'd appreciate it a great deal if someone could send this to me as I desperately need it to move ahead with my project.

Thanks in advance, Shane

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There are at least two other implementations of Jpcap. There's one at sourceforge for example. – EJP Dec 4 '12 at 11:19
Thanks, but those are different version of jpcap that don't have the same features, I've found that the one I used was the best of the implementations so that's why I wanted it – Shane Dec 4 '12 at 11:23

Found the files and instructions on another website For anyone interested...

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