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Here i am unable to add the dropdownList of Yii to append method in jQuery. Here is my code

    $(".tasks-add").click(function () {
        $('.tasks').append('<li class="elements"><?php echo $form->labelEx($modelAcademics, 'Academic'); ?><?php echo $form->dropDownList($modelAcademics, '[]academics', array('school', 'college'));?></li>');

but i am able to add the textField instead of dropdownList. can any one help me on this ?

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The dropdown list doesn't have <li> elements. – adamors Dec 4 '12 at 12:42

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I would suggest adding the dropdown with the php code to your HTML on page load (server side), than tag it with a class with CSS property display: none; Than have the jQuery show it on click.Also your dropDownlist name of []academics is a bit weird, this should just be academics. Examples:


<style type="text/css">.myDropDown { visibility: hidden; }</style.
echo $form->labelEx($modelAcademics, 'academic');
echo $form->dropDownList($modelAcademics, 'academics', array('school', 'college'),array('class' => 'myDropDown')); 


$(".tasks-add").click(function () {
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