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I have a project on CS Cart / Smarty and I would like to generate the list of a category's products in the category list, under the active category.

So far the code of categories_tree.tpl prints the categories only and looks like this:

{* $Id$ *}
{assign var="cc_id" value=$smarty.request.category_id|default:$smarty.session.current_category_id}
{foreach from=$categories item=category key=cat_key name="categories"}
    {if $category.level == "0"}
        {if $ul_subcategories == "started"}
            {assign var="ul_subcategories" value=""}
        <ul class="menu-root-categories tree">
                <a href="{"categories.view?category_id=`$category.category_id`"|fn_url}" {if $category.category_id == $cc_id} class="active"{/if}>{$category.category}</a>
        {if $ul_subcategories != "started"}
            <ul class="menu-subcategories">
                {assign var="ul_subcategories" value="started"}
        <li><a href="{"categories.view?category_id=`$category.category_id`"|fn_url}"{if $category.category_id == $cc_id} class="active"{/if}>{$category.category}</a></li>

        {if $category.category_id == $cc_id}
            <div class = "cat_prod" style = "display: none;">

    {if $smarty.foreach.categories.last && $ul_subcategories == "started"}

I need to make a <ul> of the active category's products inside the cat_prod div. How do I compose the foreach in order to get the products of that category?

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