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I have a search form

<input id="price_from" value="price from ">
<input id="price_to" value="price to ">

How can I disable editing of dafault text? When user starts to type in price amount it's not possible to edit "price from " and "price to " but they stay in input field. I've tried different mask plugins for jquery but they didn't show default text untill you focus on field and don't provide option for custom text. Only placeholders an chars.

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You can either use the "readonly" or the "deactivated" attribute. Note that when deactivated, the value will not be submitted when submitting the form. So "readonly" is what you want.

<input id="price_to" value="price to " readonly="readonly">
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I'm not sure I understand the question correctly, but if you want to prevent people from writing in the input field you can use the disabled attribute.

<input disabled="disabled" id="price_from" value="price from ">
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How about disabled=disabled:

<input id="price_from" value="price from " disabled="disabled">​​​​​​​​​​​​

Problem is if you don't want user to edit them, why display them in input? You can hide them even if you want to submit a form. And to display information, just use other tag instead.

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Probably due to the fact that I could not explain well you do not really understand my question. In general, I found the solution.

Sorry for my english

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