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I want to export ONLY the sequences created in a Database created in PostgreSQL. There is any option to do that?

Thank you!

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To be honest I can't figure out why you would want to export a PostgreSQL sequence. Recall that a sequence is just a way to read "the next integer key" for a given field. Moreover, you can assign sequences to your tables' fields at your discretion.

Therefore rather than exporting a sequence simply re-create the sequence on your target database and update it to return values starting at a specific integer value. How?

If you need your field to start reading from a sequence at a specific value use:

setval(regclass, bigint)

to set a sequence regclass to start returning integer values starting at that bigint. Docs here.

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You could write a query to generate a script that will create your existing sequence objectsby querying this information schema view.

select *
from information_schema.sequences;

Something like this.

SELECT 'CREATE SEQUENCE ' || sequence_name || ' START ' ||  start_value || ';'
from information_schema.sequences;
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