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I am developing a simple cms for an online health magazine using JSP,Tomcat and urlrewritefilter for url rewriting. I am migrating content from wordpress and should keep the permalinks on the site. Permalinks looks like below with only letters and numbers.

I want to rewrite my url in my jsp application so that I can have urls like above. Rewrite Rule should work as follows.


And of course vice versa.

How can I have a wordpress-like permalink structure using urlrewritefilter? Do I need to write a Servlet for getting the id of name or slug from DB?

Anybody has an idea how to do that or done it before?

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I've already done a JavaServer Faces CMS with custom URL for posts and categories. I've used basically javax.servlet.Filter and javax.faces.application.ViewHandler. Since you are in straight JSP you won't need javax.faces.application.ViewHandler.

How I declared my filter :



Basic Filter implementation :

 * @author Alexandre Lavoie
public class URLFilter implements Filter
    public void doFilter(ServletRequest p_oRequest, ServletResponse p_oResponse, FilterChain p_oChain) throws IOException, ServletException
        // Determining new url, get parameters, etc

    public void init(FilterConfig p_oConfiguration) throws ServletException


    public void destroy()

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I have implemented something similar, however I used tomcat's error page forwarding for 404 code(e.g error.jsp) and made DBWorker calls, got the id and loaded the actual page content in this error.jsp. I will try your implementation also. – mutoprak Dec 4 '12 at 20:34

I think your answer lies into : How to rewrite URL in Tomcat 6

Is there a url rewriting engine for Tomcat/Java?

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I have already checked those before. I am trying the examples section in tuckey's urlrewritefilter however couldn't come up with a solution using only tomcat + urlrewritefilter. – mutoprak Dec 4 '12 at 12:44

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