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I have 3 different Theme in my project . All themes are working fine after changes context -param value into web.xml
it is like my current theme is
<context-param> <param-name>primefaces.THEME</param-name> <param-value>NSFPortalGreenTheme</param-value> </context-param>

But during theme change ,I found that primefaces is unable to get the image from IMAGE folder of current theme

I have a code line for image is as below
<p:graphicImage library="images" alt="NSF" name="logo.png"></p:graphicImage>

How to pick images in different Theme.

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Make sure you have primefaces 3.4+ as the library and name attributes were added only in version 3.4.

The directory structure should be something like this:


and then you can use specify the library name as the theme name in the <p:graphicImage> library attribute like this:

<p:graphicImage library="theme1" alt="NSF" name="images/logo.png" />
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