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I made a query which outputs the results what I actually want to distinct out of content table. This is how my query looks like:

SELECT distinct c.*
FROM ng2s3_content c
JOIN ng2s3_similar S ON S.similar_id = c.id

So basically I want results I got with this query to be hidden(distincted) in ng2s3_content results. Query of ng2s3_content would be -> SELECT * FROM ng2s3_content

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NOT IN will do what you want, but you'll have to pick a column. I'm going with id in this example:

FROM ng2s3_content
    SELECT id FROM ng2s3_content c JOIN ng2s3_similar S ON S.similar_id = c.id
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Thanks. Thats what i needed. –  Jonuux Dec 4 '12 at 12:21

You can use a left join instead and choose all rows where there's no entry in ng2s3_similar

SELECT distinct c.*
FROM ng2s3_content c
left JOIN ng2s3_similar S ON S.similar_id = c.id
where s.similar_id is null

See SQL Fiddle for testing.

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