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In our project, Maven build generates artifacts for different modules i.e. jar, console, car etc in corresponding folder structure.

Everytime we check in the code, the build genarates full new artifacts even if there is only change in "console" module.

I want to know if there is any maven plugin or a way where my maven build just generates the artifact which was changed since last successful build.

For e.g., if i have changed the code for "console" module, then the artifact generated should only have console file in its corresponding folder.

Any pointers will be very helpful to me?

Thanks, Pankaj

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If you are on command line you can use

mvn -pl moduleToBuild

which can be combined with:

mvn -pl moduleToBuild -am

which will also build the dependencies of moduleToBuild.

If you are in a CI solution like jenkins there is a check box to activate this behaviour. This can be found under the Maven configuration part Incremental build - only build changed modules.

You have to start the maven call on the root of your multi-module build.

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You may want to look at using maven reactor plugin's reactor:make-scm-changes goal. This link has example on how to use this.

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Not necessary in Maven 3. Better use mvn -pl may be in combination with -am. –  khmarbaise Dec 4 '12 at 12:50

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