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From the book Maven: The Complete Reference inside the section 3.6.1. Grouping Dependencies it says :

If you create this project in a directory named persistence-deps, all you need to do is create this pom.xml and run mvn install. Since the packaging type is pom, this POM is installed in your local repository. You can now add this project as a dependency and all of its dependencies will be added as transitive dependencies to your project. When you declare a dependency on this persistence-deps project, don’t forget to specify the dependency type as pom.

What does it mean to say that a pom is installed in local repository?

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Every time Maven needs to find a a dependency, it first looks in the local repository - commonly located in an .m2 directory in your user home. If it can't find the dependency there, it downloads the dependency into your local repository and uses it from there.

When it says a pom is installed in the local repository, it means the POM file was copied into the correct place in the local repository. Other projects you build locally can then resolve that dependency and use it.

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