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I have an application in c# and an sql database which i use with it(insert,update,download etc.). My main problem is, when i try to down/up load a file(for exemple a pdf file) from sql database, and the file is big enough or the internet speed is not that fast the program is get stucked. I mean it takes too long time to up/download that file and until that is finished "nothing happens". I just simple want to show a progressbar or something to show that the dowloading is in progress and show its status.

In details: The column "fileok" is an image file type

I am trying to download a saved file from a that column like this:

dbbyte = (byte[])adattabla2.Rows[0]["fileok"];

and uppload a file to database like this:

sqlcmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@FF", FileBytes);

It gets/upload the stored file and its takes a while if this big or the net is slow and until its finished its like "freezed". When its done the program continues. So the program is working I just need to inform the user that it's downloading and show its status.How could i do that? I could not find anything helpful only for dowload with urls,links but not for database like this.

I would appriciate your help thanks!

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use a BackgroundWorker with b.e a ProgressBar, see here and here

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