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I have several inputs:

<input name="row.type[0].value">
<input name="row.type[1].value">
<input name="row.type[100].value">

How can I to obtain an array with all these inputs?

If with $$-operation, then something like that doesn't work:

var cabins = $$('input[name^=row.type[].value]').each(function(row) {
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if you add a class to all of the input fields you can access them using the class

for instance

<input class="rowvalues" name="row.type[0].value">
<input class="rowvalues" name="row.type[1].value">
<input class="rowvalues" name="row.type[100].value">

then using $$()

var cabins = $$('.rowvalues').each(function(row){
    //other code
    //row equals the DOM element not the input value
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Interesting alternative way, thx =) –  Vladimir Kishlaly Dec 4 '12 at 20:47

If all the inputs you want to grab have a name starting with row.type[, then you can grab them all using $$() like this:

var cabins = $$('input[name^="row.type["]');
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thanks dude... You saved my day –  Bhavik Shah Nov 27 '13 at 5:49
this is the right answe –  Nuno Furtado Jan 7 at 16:06

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