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I'll try to be clear enough with my situation. I have one dataset ds1 which has user IDs and have another dataset ds2 (a stored procedure) which returns results for each id.

ds2 (stored procedure) only accepts single value parameters, so I need to call for each ID instead of passing a multi-value parameter.

I have one table grouped by user, and in the second column I have the chart using ds2. How can I pass the value of each user ID to ds2?

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The easiest method is to use a subreport: Create a report that has a single parameter and calls ds2. This report will be just the contents of one cell containing the chart.

Now place this report into the table you already created, as a subreport. Connect the user field value from ds1 to the parameter of the subreport.

Another approach is to redesign your datasets, perhaps joining the to at the data provider.

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The best solution is to use subreport. However, i'm in trouble with blank spaces as i shown in this question.… That's why I'm trying to put everything in the same report. – PookPook Dec 4 '12 at 15:17

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