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I generate a sheet, pretty bog standard headers and columns of data.

I want to turn on the "Filter" function for the sheet, so the user can easily sort and filter the data.

Can I so this using POI?

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Save the first and the last cell from the filter area, and execute:

sheet.setAutoFilter(new CellRangeAddress(firstCell.getRow(), lastCell.getRow(), firstCell.getCol(), lastCell.getCol()));

For example, from the sheet below.

>x         (x, y)
0|--hhh--|   h = header
1|--+++--|   + = values
2|--+++--|   - = empty fields

fist cell will be the header above the first + (2,1) cell. The the last will be the last + cell (5,3)

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Nice. It seems that I can get away with the following though: s.setAutoFilter(CellRangeAddress.valueOf("A1:E1")); This range is the header cells only, and does not include the data cells. Still, result is whast I want. –  Anders Johansen Dec 4 '12 at 13:15
s.setAutoFilter(CellRangeAddress.valueOf("A1:N1")); by this we can filter data also. –  swamy Dec 6 '12 at 7:33
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