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I am trying to split a string with multiple characters. The string might sometimes contain a - or a /. What I have achieved is the hyphen but I am not able to search for the slash. Any thoughts on how to split the string based on both characters at once ? Once I split after - I add the value after the - to the result list as a separate index and I would like to accomplish the same for '/'.

So For example the Split string has Jet-blue, the below code will add Jet in the result list with index(0) and blue with index(1). In addition to splitting with '-' I would also like to split with '/'. Any suggestions ?


    Dim result As New List(Of String)()

    For Each str_get As String In Split

        Dim splitStr = str_get.Split("-") 

        For Each str_split As String In splitStr

            result.Add(str_split) ' Enter into result list

            ' result.TrimExcess()


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Please give us one or multiple strings as sample data and a desired result. – Tim Schmelter Dec 4 '12 at 13:01
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You can either use this or this overload of the Split method.

The first one takes an array of Char:

"Hello World".Split({"e"c, "o"c}) ' Notice the c!

The second one takes an array of String and StringSplitOptions:

"Hello World".Split({"el", "o"}, StringSplitOptions.None)
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