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What is the behaviour of <iframe> in HTML5 when the sandbox attribute is not present? Is it same as sandbox=""?

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No, it's more like the opposite.

When you add the sandbox attribute, you create the sandbox : you force the content to be much more restricted. This protects your user from the content of the iframe, which isn't the case without the attribute, especially when the content is served from the same origin.

Adding elements in the sandbox list reduces the restrictions. That's why they're called "allow-something".

Here's the reference.

And here's an almost-clear introduction from MS: How to Safeguard your Site with HTML5 Sandbox

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but then same origin is also allowed without Sandbox but NOT different origin. This means some part of sandbox is there without sandbox attribute. I wished to know all those in a way listed in allow-* – Satya Prakash Dec 5 '12 at 5:48

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