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In asp.net MVC (not WebAPI), we can make asynchronous requests to controller using AJAX and jQuery. I have made bunch of functions to call the controllers where required. For Validation, we can take the advantage of DataAnnotation validation of Model and use unobtrusive validation.

But on seeing the recent javascript frameworks like, backbone, knockout and many other,

Is there any best way to use these frameworks for the asp.net MVC application.

I inspired using of Javascript architectures here, which is wonderful introduction to ASP.NET MVC SPAs.

I also read alot of blogs about backbone usage and knockout observables (MVVM), but cant find the way to stick them all together. The advantages would be ease of maintaining javascript.

I have seen the Todomvc application (selecting MV*), and can see the best use of model, but not validations and ajax.

On concluding, What is the best way to use the existing JavaScript frameworks in ASP.NET MVC4 application (not WebAPI) for AJAX, unobtrusive validation ?

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Take a look at this Microsoft article ASP.Net Single Package Application and make your choice depending on what you want.

I think that Breeze/Knockout template is the best choice for the simple and small or medium size applications - it is the fastest and easiest way for ASP.Net MVC integration.

But for the large (reach) applications the Breeze/Angular or DurandalJS templates would be better choice.

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For KnockoutJS there is KnockoutMVC library exists. It helps with building view models and many other things.

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Hi STO, thanks for your answer, I have seen KnockoutMVC. All we have in knockout is binding observables and iterating the collections. But I want how make ajax calls with these models and also validations from the Emdx DataModel (unobtrusive validation). –  stak Dec 5 '12 at 11:12

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