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Surely there must be an event to attach onto before a ServiceHost or Channel or Dispatcher handles a message? I'm assuming it can be accessed through OperationContext.Current, but the closest events I can find are Opening and Closing. Is there something like a MessageReceived or BeforeMessageProcessed event?

If not using events, is there some other way using WCF classes/configuration to determine if a ServiceHost SingletonInstance is currently processing a DataContract?

EDIT: IDispatchMessageInspector (AfterReceiveRequest and BeforeSendReply) is perfect. I have about 8 services and need to know what messages (DataContracts) they are currently processing. While it would be possible to use something like a helper method that takes a delegate and does BeforeReceive(); InvokeDelegate(); AfterReceive(); it's far easier to use IDispatchMessageInspector and behaviors.

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As far as I know, there isn't such an event at the service host level directly. Could you explain what you're trying to accomplish?

Normally, if you've got any processing that must be done whenever a message arrives, then the right way is to use one of the several extensibility points that WCF offers for this, like IDispatchMessageInspector. In this case, you'd inject your message inspector into the WCF pipeline through a service or an endpoint behavior.

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