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Suppose I have two atomic object methods operation1 and operation2, that register their own undo actions to undoManager. If I make bulk operation3, that calls previous two operations and groups undo callbacks with beginUndoGrouping/endUndoGrouping, when undoing, NSUndoManager doesn't group redo actions. How to make NSUndoManager map undo group to redo group?

Sample code:

- (void)operation3
    [undoManager beginUndoGrouping];
    [self operation1]; // [undoManager setActionName:@"op1"];
    [self operation2]; // [undoManager setActionName:@"op2"];
    [undoManager endUndoGrouping];
    [undoManager setActionName:@"op3"];
    // call operation3 -> "Edit - Undo op3" -- OK
    // press Command+Z -> "Edit - Redo op1" -- not OK
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You must set the action name again during the undo. I think you set only "op1" during the undo.

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It seems that my intention to combine undoable actions in compound methods is wrong: I ended up writing lots of boilerplate code just to make undo/redo composite actions stack in right order. –  UncleAli Jun 10 '13 at 12:31

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