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This is the view:

@model tgpwebged.Models.sistema_DocType

this model is an entity used with textBoxFor and others html helpers

This is the controller.

public ActionResult AdminSettingAddTipo()
    IEnumerable<string> indices;

    using (tgpwebgedEntities context = new tgpwebgedEntities())
        var obj = from u in context.sistema_Indexes select u.idName;
         indices = obj.ToList();

    return PartialView(indices);

I have all I need here, I am using a model to create with the view so I am not allowed to send ´indices´ as a model because it´s not allowed to have 2 models in one view.

I don´t want to use ´Tupe´ now a parent view. I just want to know how is the best way to send my IEnumerable to the view.

I was thinking of ViewBag for the last option but I am avoiding ViewBag.


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ViewBag is not a good choice. Create ViewModel using your list and your current Model:

    public class YourViewModel

        public sistema_DocType Type { get; set; }
        public IEnumerable<string> Indices {get;set;}

Hope,it will help.

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I always write my own constructor to class like this,and use it. –  Kamil Będkowski Dec 4 '12 at 14:43

If you don't want to use ViewBag for whatever reason, you could create a Model specifically for the view that contains the info from the old model and the new indices you want. This is a common pattern in MVC development. You can even have the ViewModel be a Decorator for your current Model.


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Use strongly defined where you can, apply this to a model and send that model:


public class MyModel{
     public List<sistema_Indexes> indecies {get;set;}



MyModel model = new MyModel();
model.indecies = context.sistema_Indexes.Select(u=> u.idName).ToList();
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