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I have imported module "ModuleFoo.psm1" to my script: "ModuleBar.ps1"

And I call a method which is in the imported module that does dot sourcing to function BarFunction.ps1:

function Dot-SourceBarFunction()
. "\BarFunction.ps1"

Can I make this BarFunction.ps1 accessible from the parent scope that is : ModuleBar.ps1?

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This should just work e.g.:

-- Outer.ps1 --
Import-Module $PSScriptRoot\module.psm1

-- Module.psm1 --
. $PSScriptRoot\inner.ps1

-- Inner.ps1 --
function Get-Foo {
    "$($MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name) called"

This outputs Get-Foo called. Functions default to public visibility in modules so when you dot-source the script that pulls in functions within a module, those are automatically made public.

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