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I like to do this with PythonMagick:

composite -dissolve 40 over.png base.png new.png

I have tried:

import PythonMagick
base = PythonMagick.Image("base.png")
over = PythonMagick.Image("over.png")

That works fine, but how can I specify the dissolve value?

Thanks in advance


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Based on your other question, I would recommend staying with PIL since PythonMagick seems to be inactive. I also looked into Magick++'s documentation, but it fails to mention how to specify extra options for composite. I would stay away from these libraries, and instead use the direct CLI provided by ImageMagick.

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I agree and thanks to your solution regarding PIL I am happy staying to use it. –  t777 Dec 10 '12 at 22:24

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