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What is the relations and differences between grunt-cli and grunt? It seems to be the same thing, but different versions.







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You're correct, the two projects exist because of different versions of grunt.

grunt-cli is used for grunt version 0.4 (and has an explicit dependency on 0.4), which as of this writing is in alpha development. grunt-0.4 splits the command line interface (grunt-cli) from the API libraries.

The "Getting Started" documentation you found is in the devel branch of the grunt repository, which will be the 0.4 release.

If you're using grunt 0.3.x, then you don't need to install grunt-cli.

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It seems like the 0.4 dependency has since been removed from grunt-cli project so my answer above is already be out-of-date. –  smithclay Dec 9 '12 at 22:07

As far as I know, grunt-cli is simply a tool to access Grunt from command line anywhere in the system, but it doesn't include Grunt itself. In other words, Grunt-CLI only looks for locally installed Grunt files somewhere in the filesystem, but it doesn't have the functionality of the regular Grunt.

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so do we need to install both grunt-cli and grunt?? Or just "npm install grunt --save-dev" is enough for a angularjs project?? –  VishwaKumar Apr 1 at 16:25

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