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I've written a stored procedure function to get a name from a table. The trouble is that I want the table name to be passed in as a parameter (there are several different tables I need to use this function with):


CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` FUNCTION `getName`(tableName VARCHAR(50), myId INT(11)) RETURNS VARCHAR(50)



    'name' INTO myName

  RETURN myName;


This method has an error because it uses the variable name "tableName" instead of the actual value of the variable.

I can work around this problem in a procedure by using a CONCAT like this:

    SET @GetName = CONCAT("

    PREPARE stmt FROM @GetName;
    EXECUTE stmt;

...but, when I try to do this in a function I get a message saying:

Dynamic SQL is not allowed in stored function or trigger

I tried to use a procedure instead, but I couldn't get it to just return a value, like a function does.

So, can anyone see a way to get around this problem. It seems incredibly basic really.

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How about a procedure with an OUT or INOUT parameter to cover your return value? – eisberg Dec 4 '12 at 14:28
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If you want to buld a SQL statement using identifiers, then you need to use prepared statements; but prepared statements cannot be used in functions. So, you can create a stored procedure with OUT parameter -

 (IN tableName VARCHAR(50), IN myId INT(11), OUT myName VARCHAR(50))

  SET @GetName =
    CONCAT('SELECT name INTO @var1 FROM ', tableName, ' WHERE id=', myId);
  PREPARE stmt FROM @GetName;
  EXECUTE stmt;

  SET myName = @var1;

Using example -

SET @tableName = 'tbl';
SET @myId = 1005;
SET @name = NULL;
CALL getName(@tableName, @myId, @name);
SELECT @name;
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I agree that we can use stored procedure with the OUT parameter but what if we are creating this store procedure for web application where no. of other instances will use the same procedure and change this OUT variable. In mysql, OUT variable is like global variable. One instance will change its value and before our program read its value, it would be change by another instance on web. What is the other solution? I am facing the same issue, I want to have return value + I want to use dynamic table name.

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