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I want to disable cascade deletes for a link table with entity framework code-first. For example, if many users have many roles, and I try to delete a role, I want that delete to be blocked unless there are no users currently associated with that role. I already remove the cascade delete convention in my OnModelCreating:

protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder) {

And then I set up the user-role link table:

    .HasMany(usr => usr.Roles)
    .WithMany(role => role.Users)
    .Map(m => {

Yet when EF creates the database, it creates a delete cascade for the foreign key relationships, eg.

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[UsersRoles]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_dbo.UsersRoles_dbo.User_UserId] FOREIGN KEY([UserId])
REFERENCES [dbo].[User] ([UserId])

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[UsersRoles]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_dbo.UsersRoles_dbo.Role_RoleId] FOREIGN KEY([RoleId])
REFERENCES [dbo].[Role] ([RoleId])

How can I stop EF generating this delete cascade?

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I got the answer. :-) Those cascade deletes were being created because of ManyToManyCascadeDeleteConvention. You need to remove this convention to to prevent it creating cascade deletes for link tables:

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Thanks this helped me a ton. Curious, did you end up removing BOTH conventions or just the Many to Many convention? –  kmehta Jan 31 '13 at 1:06
Actually, I just ended up removing the one-to-many convention and selectively re-enabling it for one or two entities. My notes about it say that, because (unlike one-to-many) you can't use the Fluent API to re-enable cascade delete for a many-to-many by using .WillCascadeOnDelete(true), all the many-to-many tables either have to cascade, or not cascade. I considered having them all cascade as the lesser of the evils, because most of the time, if I delete something linked using a many-to-many link table, I want the things it's linked to to be deleted too. –  Jez Jan 31 '13 at 9:56
This didn't seem to work. My problem is when I have two properties of an object of the same type (created by this user and last edited by this user.) I was hoping this would remove the "may cause cycle or multiple cascade paths" error I am getting, but it didn't work. Suggestions? –  Rogala Sep 12 '14 at 16:40

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