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I'm trying to build a class that will hold a row of data from a CSV file along with its header information. Then outside the class I am making a List<> of elements of this class. However I am getting this error which completely worthless, "DynamicCSV does not contain a constructor that takes 1 arguments." Fact is it does in fact contain a constructor with 1 argument.

class DynamicCSV : DynamicObject
    public List<string> columnHeaders;
    public List<string> rowData;

    /* Constructor with 1 argument */        
    DynamicCSV(List<string> headers)
        columnHeaders = new List<string>();
        dynamic rowData = new List<string>();
        columnHeaders = headers;

/* code that calls the constructor */
while (!streamReader.EndOfStream)
    List<string> headers = new List<string>();
    List<string> dataRow = new List<string>();
    List<DynamicCSV> dataRows = new List<DynamicCSV>();

    if (true == isHeaderRow)
        currentRow = streamReader.ReadLine();

        dataRows.Add(new DynamicCSV(headers));  // here is the error
        isHeaderRow = false;

        currentRow = streamReader.ReadLine();
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You need to mark the constructor as public (or possibly internal).

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Wow Thanks! That was amazing. It only < 60 seconds to get an answer. I'm an idiot, but thanks. – Daniel Byrne Dec 4 '12 at 14:51
No worries, we all have moments like this. – Rawling Dec 4 '12 at 14:52

Make your contructor public, otherwise it can't be 'seen'.

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