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Have any information about support google analitics 2.0 for iOS 5 ? I got this error on iOS 5

GoogleAnalytics 2.0b3 void GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler(NSException *) (GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler.m:41): Uncaught exception: Could not instantiate class named NSLayoutConstraint handler threw exception

Can I upload my app to appstore with this google analitics 2.0 beta library? Because i know that we cant upload app with "beta" information ..

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I just got the same error. – MartinMoizard Dec 20 '12 at 17:52

This is problem with libraries, try change social.framework, adsupport.framework and accounts.framework to optional in build phases.

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I have now: GoogleAnalytics 2.0b4 void GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler(NSException *) (GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler.m:41): Uncaught exception: CoreData could not fulfill a fault for '0xe0dd380 <x-coredata://09EC0CC5-BC0F-4A7C-95F4-6768D5EB7A3E/FileTable/p3326>' libc++abi.dylib: handler threw exception - any idea? – Kostia Kim Jan 22 '13 at 2:45

I did had the same error and according to this i had to uncheck autolayout for my xib. Worked for me.

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