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On Mac with Objective-C. My final aim is to use my trackPad as a gesture control tool. For example, drawing an A can open the Launchpad.

Just like OS X's hand-write input method

So I want to disable all system gestures and mouse actions.

P.S. here is a screenshot's link: http://starbugs.diandian.com/post/2012-12-04/40046785445

The screenshot is the input method I mentioned. When the input method is active, the mouse cursor will be hidden. And single finger move can't affect the input.(In my program, once the cursor, even hidden, moves out my custom view object, the program can't get any touch events.)

Maybe this is a stupid question. Some documents to read is ok. Thanks.

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After doing some research, here is the solution I figured out.

To catch all touch events and hide mouse cursor and stop mouse from moving:

if(CGCursorIsVisible()) {
    CGPoint centerPoint = 
        CGPointMake((self.frame.origin.x + (self.frame.size.width / 2) + self.window.frame.origin.x),
                    (self.frame.origin.y + (self.frame.size.height / 2) + self.window.frame.origin.y));
    [NSCursor hide];
} else {
    [NSCursor unhide];

I add this block to - (void) keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent method. So I can press a key to let my app do its work, and press a key again to recover.

But the way I fix the cursor has bugs...centerPoint is not always the center point.

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