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I would like to learn graphics programming with OpenGL. And since I will just start learning it I decided to learn the new/OpenGL3 way of doing things.As far as I can see one has to create an OpenGL 3 context for this (Core profile in the new OpenGL 3.2 if I understand this correctly). Well I thought about using Qt for this, currently using version 4.5.2, since I know it already and like it and it supports creating the OpenGL widget. What I have the problem with is that it looks like the OpenGL widget is always crated with the old OpenGL 2 context and I can't see the option to make it in/switch it to OpenGL 3 way. Am I missing some obvious thing here or do I need something a bit more tricky to create OpenGL 3 context with Qt? Is it even supported in current version of Qt? I'm using Linux, if it makes any difference.

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Mesa software rendering is still stuck on OpenGL 2.1. If you're using the binary NVidia drivers they provide OpenGL 3.2 support on sufficiently recent hardware. AMD's latest fglrx supports 3.1. Open Source drivers seem to top out around 1.3-1.4.

If you've gotten this far you'll probably have to hack the Qt sources to use GLX_ARB_create_context instead of GLXCreateContext to get a OpenGL 3.2 Core context.

This guy seems to have had partial success, if you haven't already come across the thread via Google.

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