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I have a couple of Views that are used in a lot of locations. The view is the same but the controller isn't so I placed .ctp files in the Elements directory and use the following code in the different controllers.


however, I also have some php code that needs to be executed every time the view loads. So I thought to just create a controller in the Contollers directory named as the view in the Elements directory (overviewController.php) but unfortunately, the code in that controller isn't executed.

Is there a way to do this or am I doing this completely wrong?

EDIT: Ok With Dave's advice I copied the overview.ctp file to a new directory called Global. Renamed the controller to GlobalController.php, renamed the class to GlobalController and changed the $this->render. But still, the view is loaded and the controller that I use to render the view is loaded but the GlobalController isn't.

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It's not normal to use elements for your entire view. Your better off using an actual view file. Elements are smaller chunks of code to use WITHIN Views.


Create an 'OverviewsController.php' (notice it's PluralController.php). Within that, create a function:

public function overview() {


To access that function, use the url:

And the view file for it should be in Views/Overviews/overview.ctp

You can then include the Element within the view if it's something you plan on using in many places.


There is nothing wrong with the code you posted, but you don't need to render an element - just render a view:

public function anything() {
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I get that, I use that for the normal pages. However this doesn't solve my issue with the views that I want to use more then once with different controllers – AgeDeO Dec 4 '12 at 15:19
Edited answer to include rendering a view from a different action. – Dave Dec 4 '12 at 15:22

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